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AquaGarde is a pleasant smelling, single step water care solution.

Just add a measured amount of liquid to your spa water with the supplied measuring cup once a week.

Chlorine & Bromine Free!

No water balancing necessary!

New formula AquaGarde is a spa water cleansing system that relies on the natural medicinal and disinfecting qualities of silver to keep your spa water sparkling clean. Silver has been used for centuries in bacteria removal and is still used today in hospitals and on-board the space shuttles for maintaining a low bacteria environment.

Traditional spa water treatments concentrate on killing bacteria once they have developed. Aquagarde takes a different approach - prevention. This system uses a completely unique technology called BDT (BioFilm Dispersion Technology) to breakdown dangerous biological build up in the plumbing of your hot tub, ensuring your hot tub is cleaner from the inside out.

Testing of Aquagarde has been carried out to ensure that it works against the harmful Legionella bacteria.

FREE Pur'O Spa with Aquagarde

Aquagarde relies heavily on water circulation to perform effectively and so requires your filtration system to be set to work for at least 4 hours daily. You will also need to keep your filter(s) clean whilst using this product.

Aquagarde is now supplied with 3 FREE tubes of Pur'O Spa shock tablets.

It is recommended to apply 2 shock tablets to the spa each time that you add the Aquagarde liquid. You can also apply one or two tablets after each heavy bathing session, as required. Any other chlorine or non-chlorine shock products can be used with Aquagarde if required.

When purchasing Aquagarde, please note:

  • When using Aquagarde it is extremely important to keep your filters clean. Aquagarde places a lot of emphasis on the filters doing their job properly during the first week to 10 days of its introduction into your spa. You can help this process by cleaning the filters frequently and drying them before re-introducing them into the spa. After the initial conditioning period you should clean the filters fortnightly, depending on how often you use your tub. Some spa owners purchase a second set of filters to rotate with the set that are being cleaned so that they don't miss out on their tub sessions!

  • Before draining your hot tub and using Aquagarde for the first time we recommend removing the biofilm and other deposits from the plumbing and equipment by using a spa flush.

1 pack contains contains 1 x 2.25 litre bottle, measuring cup and usage instructions + 3 tubes of Pur'O Spa shock tablets

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Kills White Water Mould

Review by : KIM   Posted on : 14/09/2014

Customer Service


Value for Money

Our hot tub came to us infected with White Water Mould from the supplier. Nothing would get rid of it and it was a constant battle to keep the water clear. This product has completely killed the beastly stuff. Brilliant!

good product

Review by : Peter   Posted on : 06/06/2014

Value for Money

Customer Service


It seems to work as long as there is an efficient filter installed. We had initially no filter as the wooden hot tub is heated from a wood burner with no pumps involved. However, I have now installed a pump with filter system and hope that I can keep the water bacteria free and cleaner for longer.

Really pleased with Aquagarde

Review by : Anne   Posted on : 09/10/2013

Customer Service


Value for Money

This product is really good. At last I can spend time in our expensive hot tub without without feeling itchy and there's no chlorine smell, in fact it smells nice! Great!

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