Unfortunately it is no longer legal to sell this product in Europe because the package labelling does not meet European requirements.

We recommend the use of ecoONE as an easy alternative, or Aquagarde is you require a completely halogen-free water care solution.

BaquaSpa - Frequently Asked Questions

What is BaquaSpa?

The BaquaSpa Water Care System is a three part bromine-free and chlorine-free system that provides powerful long-lasting protection against bacteria.

The active anti-microbial ingredient in BaquaSpa is polyhexamethylene biguanide.

What are the Benefits of BaquaSpa?

BaquaSpa is Chlorine and Bromine free and, compared to the use of those chemicals, it reduces odour and skin irritation.

BaquaSpa offers consistent, long-lasting protection. With just one application, bacteria levels are controlled for as long as 10–14 days.

Chlorine BaquaSpa

Chlorine levels vary widely throughout the day and may require daily additions. Even with these daily additions, bacteria levels fluctuate greatly.

BaquaSpa offers consistent, long-lasting protection. With just one application, bacteria levels are controlled for as long as 10–14 days.

chloring performance

baquaspa performance

BaquaSpa doesn't affect the pH level or your water, nor is it affected by the pH. It is considerably more stable than Chlorine or Bromine so you'll do less testing and water balancing and, because BaquaSpa’s core products are liquid based, they’re very easy to use!

In addition to effective bacteria control, BaquaSpa Sanitizer with Stain & Scale Control protects against staining and discoloration due to dissolved minerals in your water.

What are the Components of the BaquaSpa Sanitation System?

TheBaquaSpa sanitation system comprises:

baquaspa bottles
  • BaquaSpa Waterline Control – a patented formula that prevents formation of waterline deposits on your hot tub shell.
  • BaquaSpa Shock – a liquid oxidiser consisting of specially stabilised hydrogen peroxide. This keeps you tub water sparkling clear by oxidising and ‘burning out’ organic compounds.
  • BaquaSpa Sanitizer with Stain & Scale Control - The principle component of the BaquaSpa water care system.  A bromine and chlorine free liquid sanitizer that provides effective control of bacteria and protects against staining and discolouration due to dissolved metals.  It can be stored indefinitely and lasts longer in water than bromine or chlorine based sanitizers

The three parts are all necessary and important because Biguanide alone is only an effective sanitizer against bacteria. You must also apply the weekly algaecide and shock treatments.

What do I need to know about Filter Cleaning with BaquaSpa?

BaquaSpa requires a compatible filter cleaner to be used.

BaquaSpa is a coagulant which combines bacterial cells and other small particles into particles large enough to be trapped by the hot tub filter.  The resulting deposit is a grey sticky film which can only be removed with a BaquaSpa compatible filter cleaner. If any other cleaner is used prior to stripping the film, the cleaner and the film will combine to form a gum like substance which cannot be removed and your filter will have to be replaced.

When using BaquaSpa your filters will need to be cleaned every 4 - 6 weeks.  Clean them every 4 weeks if you regularly use your hot tub more than 3 times a week.