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Chlorine Free Water Care with ecoONE

Friday, 20 July 2012 16:31:27 Europe/London

What is ecoONE?

ecoONE is a non-toxic product utilising a proprietary blend of botanical and mineral extracts and enzymes. ecoONE offers a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to using large amounts of chlorine or bromine in your spa.

All components of ecoONE are biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Benefits of ecoONE

ecoONE contains natural enzymes, minerals and plant extracts to naturally purify your water.

  • ecoONE enables you to dramatically reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals and their negative side effects
  • ecoONE protects your equipment from scale and corrosion
  • ecoONE guards against skin irritation
  • ecoONE reduces foaming, scum lines and water balance problems
  • All components of ecoONE are biodegradable and environmentally safe

Why Enzymes?

Enzymes increase the interaction between elements. They are added to detergents to help break down blood, fat, perspiration and grass stains.

Lipase and Cellulase enzymes soften the fatty exterior walls of microscopic cells, causing them to rupture more easily. Amylase and Protease enzymes help break down starches and proteins. Oxidase and Hydrolase enzymes increase oxidation and promote the rapid degradation of many substances.

ecoONE enzymes are of a food grade type housed in coconut extract.  The coconut extract has the added benefit of being an excellent skin softener!

clean, clear, fresh spa water
without exposure to harsh chemicals and their negative side effects

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Super New Filter Cleaning Tool

Friday, 25 February 2011 16:05:00 Europe/London

Filter Cleaning - Everyone Hates it!

The Filter Flosser will help! It is a quality filter cleaning tool that, when used for regular filter cartridge maintenance, gives a more thorough clean and saves time, energy and water.

Simply attach the Filter Flosser to a garden hose using the hozelock adapter supplied. The curved nozzle design provides an extended cleaning area, helping you to clean faster using less water. The high pressure aggitated air and water reaches deep down between the pleats to remove built-up dirt that shortens the life and performance of filter cartridges.

Ideal for use with spray-on filter cleaners.

Made from 100% durable, rust-free aluminium.

Three ways to clean for best results:

  • Overall Cleaning: Hold nozzle 1" from filter at 90deg angle to the pleats and move up and down in short strokes
  • Particularly Dirty Areas: Hole nozzle 4"-5" from filter with the water convergence point focussed onto the dirty area.
  • Build-up between pleats: Hold nozzle 1" from filter parallel to the pleats and move up and down in short strokes.

New Filter Flosser Hot Tub Filter Cleaner

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Nationwide Hot Tub Servicing

Wednesday, 5 January 2011 16:53:27 Europe/London

hot tub servicing

Regular hot tub maintaince and servicing is vital to ensure the longevity of your hot tub. Splash Spas has a network of trained spa engineres across the country and we are now able to offer a fixed price service for most makes and models of hot tub

You should consider servicing your hot tub once a year to keep it in top condition. A yearly service will go a long way to ensuring your hot tub will perform efficiently and last for many years to come. Our fully comprehensive, fixed-price service is great value and we can cover most areas of England and Wales and parts of Scotland.

Your hot tub will be given a complete overhaul and clean, including flushing any biofilm and dirt out of the plumbing, refilling with fresh water, balancing and applying the sanitizer of your choice.

To take advantage of this service your tub needs to be full of water and up to temperature.

The service takes approximately 3 - 4 hours to complete.

You can order on-line or by telephone and we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for the service.

Find out more about Splash Spas Hot Tub Servicing.

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Floating Spa Insulation Cover

Sunday, 28 November 2010 18:14:23 Europe/London

floating spa cover

This new and innovative floating heat retention cover provides a very effective additional layer of insulation for your spa, particularly useful in the current freezing temperatures!

The cover comprises a 12mm thick cross linked polyethylene foam centre, protected by a laminated film over embossed outside surfaces.

Due to its unique design, the water absorption of this floating cover is negligible and so, in addition to keeping the heat in, it will also prolong the life of your hard top spa cover by preventing excessive condensation and waterlogging. It will also protect the underside of the spa cover from the more damaging elements of chemical evaporation.

There is no doubt that this cover will reduce the running cost of your spa.

The standard cover size is 2m x 2m which you can cut to fit your spa exactly. If you would like a larger size of cover please contact us to discuss.

Buy a Floating Insulation Cover...

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AquaSPArkle Spa Flush

Thursday, 25 November 2010 18:01:24 Europe/London

biofilm in hot tubs

Plumbing system flushing is an essential requirement for all hot tubs and should be performed at least twice a year.

Aquasparkle Spa Flush is an easy-to-use powerful one-off treatment that is proven to remove biofilm, dirt and other deposits from the inside of the hot tub plumbing system. With use all hot tubs, even very well-maintained ones, accumulate unseen biofilm deposits which attract oily grime, micro-organisms and other foreign matter inside the plumbing systems and heat exchanger. Build-up of this biofilm inside the pipes not only provides a breeding-ground for bacteria and is potentially dangerous to your health, it also reduces water circulation and jet action..

A spa with immaculate plumbing results in cleaner, clearer, fresher water and better circulation.

When it is time to change your spa water, all you need to do is add Aquasparkle Spa Flush to the old water and leave the treated hot tub for a minimum of 12 hours for an effective cleaning action.

The old water can then be drained away and the hot tub refilled immediately.


Compatible with all recognised sanitization programmes. 

1 bottle of Aquasparkle Spa Flush will treat a 1500 litre spa twice.

Buy AquaSPArkle Spa Flush

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