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Hot Tub Helps Toddler

Wednesday, 3 August 2011 16:48:35 Europe/London

Eighteen-month-old Maralise Van Wyk, from Nottinghamshire, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder (PCH2) which causes her muscles to be constantly tense and can only be eased by warm water and the relaxation a hot tub can provide this.

Mother and Daughter

PCH2 is a recessive condition and studies suggest children with this condition are not expected to live past infancy. Maralise is just one of five children in the UK with this disorder.

The couple stated that they are trying to raise their own money to provide their daughter with a full hydrotherapy room, to help her life become more comfortable. So far they have raised approximately £2500, by the sale of their car because they believe that "Having access to daily hydrotherapy and a hot tub will have an amazing impact on her life and ease her discomfort”.

The Van Wyk Family From the care of the local people and businesses a hot tub has been provided, to allow the young girl’s muscles to relax and to help the family cope with the struggle the disorder causes.

This shows just how much hot tubs can change lives and benefit health! But this is not only true for people with muscle disorders, a hot tub from Splash Spas could aid your body too!

Maralise' mother states, “The difference a hot tub makes to her and her muscles is just incredible. She is very uncomfortable a lot of the time and she will cry all day. The only thing that stops her crying is being in the warm water“.

Hot tubs can have medical benefits as well as being relaxing, enjoyable and fun things to have!

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Hot Tub it in the Winter

Wednesday, 3 August 2011 01:00:00 Europe/London

It is a common belief that hot tubs are purely for summer, but in reality your hot tub can be a much needed relaxation tool to revitalize and sooth your whole body during those miserable winter months, while bringing friends and family together during the holiday season.

Sometimes in winter the stresses of work, kids or even Christmas can leave us feeling a little rundown and in need of some repair. This is just what the hot tub that you may neglect during winter can provide.

The heated water in your hot tub can encourage blood to circulate the body, promoting the movement of oxygen throughout, with this process being especially effective in during colder times. This leaves tense muscles feeling revived and encourages your body to repair damaged or sore tissue. The whole experience of using your hot tub in the winter will promote a healthier and more radiant complexion and help relax and sooth a stressed mind.

Duck having a good time in the tub in winter!Couple take advantage of their hot tub EVEN in winter and snow!




Using a hot tub all year round will enable you to get the most use out of it! Also saving you the painstaking task of draining and wrapping the it up over the winter. Additionally, you wont need to reverse this process in the spring, meaning your spa is ready for use whenever you need it and yearly round useage will help eliminate the risk of redidual water freezing or damaging the pipe work .

Splash Spas strongly advises you to continue to use, enjoy and benefit from your spa or hot tub during the otherwise dull winter time.

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Staff at the Etali Safari Lodge, in North West Province, South Africa were baffled by the mystery of the disappearing whirlpool bath.

Every morning they filled the open-air bath outside one of the guest lodges, and every night it was empty - even though no leak could be found.

It was only when a guest heard a mighty slurping and went outside with a camera that the culprit was discovered in the shape of Troublesome the elephant!

elepkand drinking hot tub water

The elephant - nicknamed 'Troublesome' - is well known to rangers at the reserve for her inquisitive nature.

Susan Potgieter, owner of the lodge, said elephants could drink more than 200 litres of water a day so drinking a whole whirlpool bath was no problem. She said: 'When I first saw the photograph of her drinking I couldn't believe it. And then it dawned on me of course an elephant was drinking it. 'It was something of a relief because we had been trying to work out why the pool had been draining so quickly for weeks but couldn't find a leak anywhere.

She said: 'Now that we know what was going on we have tried to provide her an alternative source of water. But sometimes it's hard to get an elephant to change her ways.

'She is a very welcome visitor for us and our guests, except it's probably best to check if she is around before taking a dip in the tub!'

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YouGOV research on British outdoor habits

Thursday, 25 November 2010 15:53:38 Europe/London

YouGov recently took time out from political polls to question 3000 Brits on what they'd most like to add to their garden this summer.

The most desired garden items are post recession Jacuzzis and hot tubs (16 per cent) and swimming pools (15 per cent), with the former being most popular in Scotland (19 per cent), the North and in Northern Ireland (both 18 per cent), and swimming pools in London and the south (both 17 per cent).

The wish for a hot tub is cross generational and it makes the top ten list of every age group for men and women.

However, there is a clear age split appearing in what Brits want in their gardens. While the MTV generation put a hot tub as their number one garden wish, the over 55s take a more pragmatic view and have a greenhouse as their top desire, followed by a vegetable patch!  Not nearly so much fun!

Other items Brits desire in their gardens are hunky gardeners, perhaps not surprisingly these are just on the hit list of women with one in five (19 per cent) putting them in their top three items, compared with just three per cent of men.

According SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association) its members will install pools this year costing Brits £200m. The growth of green energy sources such as Ground Source Heat Pumps mean that running costs for a modern heated pool can be minimal compared to those installed even ten years ago.

BISHTA (British and Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association) said, "Over the last few years, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of hot tubs. There are currently over 100,000 in the UK and Ireland and during 2009 4,000 hot tubs were installed in the UK alone. They are a fantastic focal point for family relaxation and summer garden fun. They can also offer a benefit to arthritis sufferers, help with type 2 diabetes and can assist in sports injury recovery."

The top ten things Brits would most like to have in their garden...

Hot spa/ Jacuzzi 16%
Swimming pool 15%
Vegetable plot 13%
Water feature 12%
Greenhouse 11%
Hunky gardener 11%
River / streams 11%
Garden lighting 10%
Decking 9%
Garden table and chairs 9%
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Hot tub sales firm Trade Price Group investigated

Thursday, 25 November 2010 15:48:07 Europe/London

Based on the number of moans and complaints that we've heard about this company we can ony say BEWARE!

The following except is from BBC News 29th September 2010

Trading standards has started a criminal investigation into the sales practices of a Staffordshire hot tub supplier.

It said hundreds of customers had complained about Trade Price Group because of the quality of the products and delivery delays of up to 10 months.

A group of about 20 customers staged a protest outside the company's offices in Rugeley.

The firm denied wrongdoing and said it was being subjected to a hate campaign.

Two-year wait

Andrew Foulkes, from Sheffield, was at the protest and said: "I'm here to try and get my money back."

He ordered a product in March and said he had repeatedly been told since then that it was in stock but had still not received it.

"It's still in China they tell me. Repeated phone calls, repeated promises, nothing ever materialises."

Ricky Rigby, from Brownhills in Walsall, West Midlands, said: "It took me two-and-a-half years to get my money back. Two-and-a-half years of headache court costs. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with what they get away with."

 Trading standards said it had been monitoring the firm since 2009

Staffordshire Trading Standards said it had received more than 400 complaints in the past two years about Trade Price Group, which also operates under the names of UK Hot Tubs For Sale and Spa Serve.

Trading standards said it had persuaded Trade Price Group to enter into a voluntary agreement in 2009 to change how it operates.

Brian Mycock, from Staffordshire Trading Standards, said: "When we monitored it in the following months we found that they hadn't really changed their business practices.

"Because of that we decided to launch a criminal investigation into their sales methods [and] business activity."

'Vociferously denies'

Trade Price Group said it was taking legal action against a number of its customers.

A statement from the firm said: "Trade Price Group has been subject to a long standing hate campaign, comprising e-mail abuse, internet abuse, harassment, and illegal threats."

The statement continued: "Trade Price Group acknowledges that some customers have expressed a preference to cancel their orders.

"Where that has happened, and it has determined that they are entitled to do so, Trade Price Group has made those refunds.

"Trade Price Group has never failed to deliver hot tubs to any of its customers that have not been subject to a refund or order cancellation.

"It refutes and vociferously denies any allegation that it has in the past, or currently, demonstrated any purposeful intent to mislead or defraud its customers out of their money."

Full refund

The firm claimed a protest group had engaged in "Harassment, intimidation and threats to employees' families."

It said the campaign against it was led by a retail competitor.

One of the protesters, Kay Waterman, from Southampton, said: "With the greatest respect I would like to see some evidential proof against myself personally.

"I don't know any members or friends with claims nationwide who have harassed in any way shape or form their children or members of their family."

Ms Waterman received a full refund from the company and has since set up her own business importing hot tubs.

The trading standards investigation into Trade Price Group is continuing

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