Crane lifts Hot Tub up high The House, Hot tub and Crane There are many different opinions for using a crane for lifting hot tubs. Many people believe that using a crane is difficult to organise and expensive. Customers often only choose to use a crane if there is no other option BUT in fact, for sites with limited access; there are often just as many risks when using a delivery team to position your hot tub manually.

Manual labour can sometimes be more risky not only for the workers but also for the hot tub, and you obviously want to ensure that your new tub is not damaged before it's even ready to use and enjoy! Cranes regularly take away the stresses and strains from the delivery of a new hot tub and are much less time consuming, sometimes only taking as little as 20 minutes from the crane arriving to it driving away. So a crane lift is definitely an option that should not be dismissed without proper investigation.

Crane lifting a hot tub into a customers garden. The easy way! 1 in 4 hot tub deliveries require a crane and the demand is and should increase. Don't let your new spa or hot tub sit alone, uncared for and unused in your front garden or drive, get on the phone now and hire a crane to lift the tub for you!

Cranes really are a lot less expensive and less hassle than you might think.