Eighteen-month-old Maralise Van Wyk, from Nottinghamshire, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder (PCH2) which causes her muscles to be constantly tense and can only be eased by warm water and the relaxation a hot tub can provide this.

Mother and Daughter

PCH2 is a recessive condition and studies suggest children with this condition are not expected to live past infancy. Maralise is just one of five children in the UK with this disorder.

The couple stated that they are trying to raise their own money to provide their daughter with a full hydrotherapy room, to help her life become more comfortable. So far they have raised approximately £2500, by the sale of their car because they believe that "Having access to daily hydrotherapy and a hot tub will have an amazing impact on her life and ease her discomfort”.

The Van Wyk Family From the care of the local people and businesses a hot tub has been provided, to allow the young girl’s muscles to relax and to help the family cope with the struggle the disorder causes.

This shows just how much hot tubs can change lives and benefit health! But this is not only true for people with muscle disorders, a hot tub from Splash Spas could aid your body too!

Maralise' mother states, “The difference a hot tub makes to her and her muscles is just incredible. She is very uncomfortable a lot of the time and she will cry all day. The only thing that stops her crying is being in the warm water“.

Hot tubs can have medical benefits as well as being relaxing, enjoyable and fun things to have!