Chemical Dispensers

These dispensers are all suitable for use with 1" spa chlorine or bromine tablets, which should always be used with a floating dispenser unless you have a special chemical dispenser built into your spa. Never place chlorine or bromine tablets in the skimmer basket or directly into the water since direct contact with the highly concentrated chemical can melt plastic fittings, damage your spa surface and burn your skin.

Any one of these dispensers can also be used with spa Active Oxygen tablets which, although fast dissolving, are dispersed much more effectively and safely with a dispenser.

Life Deluxe Floating Dispenser

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Life Floating Dispenser

Club Price: £14.36

If you're not sure which dispenser to buy, get this one!

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Universal Floating Dispenser

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Universal Floating Dispenser

Club Price: £8.96

Small economical floating dispenser.

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Dispenser Fragrance Rings

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chemical dispenser fragrance rings


Sale Price: £0.65

Fits round the neck of any character tablet dispenser.

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