Unsightly foam on the surface of your hot tub water can sometimes appear when you turn on your pumps. This foam is caused by unwanted foaming compounds, usually introduced into the water by the people using your tub. These could include residues of washing powder or fabric conditioner on bathing costumes, deodorants, body lotions or make-up. Another common cause is the use of household cleaners on the hot tub or filters.

If you are finding that you are getting a small amount of foaming after your tub has been used heavily then you need Antifoam to eliminate the problem. You might also find a scum absorber sponge useful. However, if you find that you are constantly needing to use Antifoam during normal use then you should think about changing your water and ensuring that everyone showers before getting into the tub.

Leisure Time Foam Down - 473ml

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Leisure Time  Foam Down - 473ml

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Watch the foam disappear within seconds.

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Splash Spas Foam Away - 1lt

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Splash Spas Foam Away - 1lt

Club Price: £12.95

Especially formulated to prevent foaming in hot tubs.

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surespa FoamAway - 1lt

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surespa foam away

Club Price: £14.36

New Anti-foam from the premium surespa range of hot tub products.

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AquaSPArkle FoamAway - 1lt

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AquaSPArkle FoamAway

Club Price: £15.08

AquaSPArkle foam controller.

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