Hot Tub Chemicals


A natural enzyme sanitizer that dramatically reduces the need for toxic spa chemicals and reduces filter cleaning.

Simply add a bottle per month and use with a very low level of bromine or chlorine.

Very easy to use.


Silver based sanitizer that is applied to the hot tub water once per week.

100% non-toxic.

No chlorine or bromine.

No water balancing necessary.

Easy to use but you must keep your filters clean.

Spa Frog

Two plastic canisters, one containing Bromine and the other minerals. The minerals enable the bromine level to be minimised

Spa Frog dispensers are built into some hot tubs.

Easy to use but can be difficult to control the bromine level.


Chlorine is the traditional hot tub chemical sanitizer and probably the cheapest, but it is one of the most toxic and the hardest to use!

Chlorine can smell unpleasant and can cause skin irritation to sensitive people, particularly if not used carefully.


Bromine is easier to use than chlorine and it performs better at the high water temperatures found in hot tubs.

Bromine is less of an irritant and smells less than Chlorine. It is easier to use, but can sometimes cause foaming.


Add a measured amount once a week and maintain a low chlorine level with the tablets provided

Easy to use but can cause a green tinge to the water.

Requires very frequent filter cleaning

Active Oxygen

Active Oxygen is a gentle, odourless alternative to the traditional method of disinfecting your hot tub water with chlorine or bromine.

Not as toxic or irritant as chlorine .

Requires tablets to be added with each use.

Nature2 Spa

Nature2 is a natural water purification technology that reduces chemical use and ensures pure, clear water.

The Nature2 cartridge fits inside the core of your spa filter and uses natural minerals to trap bacteria and algae.

Used with a low level of chlorine.

Pristine Blue

One of the newest hot tub chemicals utilising copper as a sanitizer.

Some people love PristineBlue, but it can be hard to use if your water is very hard or high in phosphates.

No skin irritation.

Best used with a pre-filter.

Baqua Spa

Baqua Spas uses the chemical biguanide as a santizer and is very popular in the USA.

Easy to use but be very careful about mixing with components from any other hot tub water care system.

High water temperatures in a hot tub provide the ideal environment for bacteria to develop and multiply, correct water disinfectant is essential to kill the bacteria and keep the water safe to use.

If you want to minimise your use of toxic chemicals as much as possible and maintain water that is cleaner, clearer, and smoother feeling to the skin, then you should consider using either ecoONE or AquaGarde. You could also consider fitting an an Ozonator to your hot tub, if you don't already have one fitted, an ozonator will significantly reduce the need for chemical sanitizer.