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Product Description

If you dread the ritual of cleaning, washing and sanitizing your tub’s filters, then look no further than this brand new product from Holland - the Estelle-Disposable Cleaning System.

Watch the video and see it work!!

The Estelle-DCS consists of a base unit with a threaded rod to which you attach your hot tub filter using any of the supplied, multi-size filter attachments. A variable spray nozzle attaches to your garden hose and a domed cover keeps the water and dirt away from you and your floor! You simply attach your filter, replace the cover, connect your hose, turn it on and then move the spray head to the correct location to set the filter in a fast spin. Then stand back and watch! Within seconds the spray will penetrate every pleat of your filter whilst it moves vertically to ensure that the full length of the filter is cleaned! For extra cleaning simply repeat the process twice. You can also use a spray cleaner or filter soak solution in conjunction with the Estelle if you wish.

Key Features

  • Fits all hot tub filters up to 22cm diameter and 34cm length
  • Works on water pressure alone
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Cleans filters in under a minute
  • Can be used in conjunction with a spray filter cleaner for extra cleaning power
  • Adaptors supplied for filters with Open Hole, Coarse 3.8cm SAE Thread, Fine 3.8cm MPT Thread and Fine 5.1cm MPT Thread.

This product is supplied with 24 Months Warranty

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Review by : Ashleigh   Posted on : 15/08/2014

Value for Money

Customer Service


This helps with the back breaking work of filter cleaning. A job tub owners all hate. I have tried a few different handheld devices in the past, but this is the best solution so far, as the filter can also be left in the Estelle machine to dry off. It will certainly help us keep going with regular cleans throughout the winter months.

pretty effective, if expensive, machine

Review by : Anthony   Posted on : 17/06/2014


Value for Money

Customer Service

Bought this on special offer at just under £90. It is basically a bucket with a spindle and cover plus a hozelock connector to hosepipe which turns through 360 degrees. You turn the water on and then direct the hosepipe through the 360 to make the filter turn on the spindle up and down. I have long filters that just fit in the machine. In terms of cleaning the filter the machine is pretty effective, turning the grey paper to more of an off white through most of the length of the filter. The top and bottom ends of the cartridge don't seem to get very clean as the pressure from the hose cannot get into the folds here. However the filters do seem to clean the hot tub water as good as a new one does now, so in that respect it shows the cleaner is working. My feeling is that the drain for the water at the bottom of the bucket should be raised by an inch or so to that the bottom of the filter is swished around in water to get it cleaner, rather than in nothing. In summary a pretty effective, if expensive, machine

Great System!

Review by : David   Posted on : 15/01/2014


Value for Money

Customer Service

A very simple but highly effective system for cleaning filters. Much less messy than trying to scrub a filter under a running tap in the sink! My water pressure is low but after 4 passes (two up & two down) filter has never been cleaner!

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