Shock & Clarifiers

Cloudy hot tub water is a turn-off for everyone, but it's not that difficult to solve the problem. The most common cause of cloudy water is poor filtration, so first of all check that your filters are clean and functioning as they should. If your filters are more than 12 months old and your water has become cloudy without obvious cause then try new filters first.


A shock product removes dissolved organic matter and non-filterable waste from the water, for example perspiration, urine or decomposing flies.

All best removed!.


Clarifiers 'polish' dull water by removing small suspended particles that filters ordinarily cannot capture.

The work by coagulating the tiny particles into larger ones that can be trapped in the filters.

Scum Absorbers

Scum absorbers are foam products that float on top of the hot tub water, soaking up surface oils and grease.


An antifoam product reduces foaming when the jets are turned on. This is caused by pollutants in the water.

Make-up, body lotion and hair gels are common causes of foaming in hot tubs.