Safety Rails

These rails maximise safety by ensuring that no-one slip or trips whilst getting in or our of the hot tub.


From soothing colours to party-rocking fun, our lighting solutions will let you create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your spa.

Towel Holders

Keep your towel or bath robe within reach and off the ground with a stylish towel holder or robe tree.

Drink Holders & Glasses

No need to get out and dry off when you fancy a drink or a snack!

Cushions & Pillows

A selection of items to ensure that everyone is comfortable and able to completely relax to enjoy the hot tub experience.

Hot Tub Steps

Steps of varying height to help you get in and out safely - some you can even store your chemicals in too!

Side Tables & Bars

Fix a retracting table to the side of your hot tub to ensure that your essentials are never out of reach.

Bases & Electrical

How about these for a quick and easy way to create a base for your hot tub without pouring any concrete or laying a deck!


Keep the grass and dirt out of your pool, spa and home.

Chemical Dispensers

Floating chemical dispensers suitable for the slow release of 1" spa chlorine or bromine tablets.


Just a few ideas to keep you and the kids amused!

Inflatable Spa Accessories

Essentials to help you get the most out of your inflatable spa