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ThermoFloat Spa Blankets are one of the best little investments any hot tub owner can make, saving energy while reducing hot tub heating time. These advanced heavy-duty floating covers quickly pay for themselves by conserving heat 3 ways: 

  • Reduces heat loss due to evaporation by up to 95%

  • Provides a layer of insulation in addition to your spa cover

  • Helps prevent spa cover water absorption and loss of R-Value

Made in the USA from a dense PVC bubble film made from heavy-duty chemical and UV resistant material for maximum life.

Key Features:

Extends Spa Cover Life
- By reducing hot tub surface evaporation, less moisture and chemicals comes in contact with your spa cover's underside, prolonging its life and helping to prevent water-logging (the leading cause of cover failure and loss of insulating value).

For Any Spa Shape
- Trimming with scissors is quick and easy to provide a perfect fit for any hot tub shape.

Also Perfect for In-Ground Spas
- ThermoFloat acts as an effective solar-cell sun blanket when used on in-ground spas! Collects and retains heat from sunlight while providing an insulation layer and debris shield.

The Spa Blanket is supplied in 3 sizes, 6ft x 6ft, 7ft x 7ft and 8ft x 8ft.  Please choose the correct size for your spa at checkout.

Please Note - That whilst we always try to have all sizes of spa blanket in stock that we do very rarely run out of a particular size!  If that is the case then it can take up to 4 weeks before that size blanket is in stock again.  If that is the case with your order you will be notified accordingly.


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We had a long wait as it was not in stock. Time will tell if it works and was value for money

Review by : Cathy   Posted on : 28/09/2011

Value for Money

Customer Service


We bought this because we had recently had to renew our spa cover and I had been told that this could prolong the life of the new one. Seems a lot of money for what is essentially some high grade bubble wrap but time will tell as to whether it was worth it. They did not have one in stock when we ordered and we had to wait 5 or 6 weeks for delivery, although the payment was taken pretty promptly!

Hoping the hard cover will last longer

Review by : Philip Bailey-Churcher   Posted on : 26/07/2011

Value for Money

Customer Service


I purchased the spa blanket in the hope that it will allow the hard cover to last longer.
Delivered within a week and it was easy to trim to size / shape with a pair of scissors.

hoping for great things

Review by : Regan Wooding   Posted on : 18/07/2011

Value for Money

Customer Service


looks like giant blue bubble wrap , but easy to size ,shape and install , and am hoping it will save money by adding insulation to the spa cover , and also that it will help make my spa cover last a little longer. So far I haven't had to chase it round the garden in windy weather , which I was afraid would be the case. The trouble with all these extra bits of kit is that it is more difficult just to get into the spa spontaneously .. you have to plan where to put all the bits first !

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