Splash Spas Chlorine Tablets - 1kg

Splash Spas Low acidity spa chlorine tablets

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Sanitizer Type Chlorine
Active Ingredients Trichloroisocyanuric Acid, Flocculants and Clarifiers
Net Weight 1 kg

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Splash Spas own brand chemicals are a high quality range of hot tub chemicals manufactured exclusively for us by the UK's leading spa chemicals manufacturer.

The stablilizer used to manufacture chlorine tablets makes them notoriously acidic.  Splash Spas 20g chlorine tablets have a significantly higher pH than most other tablets (ie they are significantly less acidic) and so they dramatically reduce the risk of acid damage to your hot tub seals and equipment.

Always use in a floating tablet dispenser unless you have a chemical dispenser built into your hot tub.  Adjust the dispenser to obtain a chlorine level between 3 - 5mg/l (ppm).

NB Spa chlorine tablets dissolve slowly over a period of 3-5 days, dependent on the water temperatute, the flow rate and the bacteria load in the hot tub. They are ideal for maintaining a chlorine concentration but it may be necessary to apply an intial shock dose of chlorine granules to more rapidly achieve the required chlorine level.

Never apply these tablets directly to the water or directly into the skimmer basket.

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Chlorine tabs

Review by : sue maddison   Posted on : 13/07/2014

Customer Service


Value for Money

Fantastic service

Excellent service

Review by : Kristel   Posted on : 20/03/2014

Customer Service


Value for Money

Great product, price and service.

Good value

Review by : Ian   Posted on : 13/02/2014

Customer Service


Value for Money

Recently changed from bromine to chlorine, these tablets leave a very pleas smell to the tub water. Will continue to buy these from now on

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